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On today’s premiere episode of How Did I Do, host Eric Darnley Small tries to install MySmartBlinds automated kit into a pair of two inch horizontal blinds. 

The product began as a kickstarter campaign with a delivery date of December 2017.

With 464 backers the company behind mysmartblinds, tilt my blinds, were able to raise $100,781 successfully launching the product.


One of the selling features of the automated blinds is its ease of use and installation.

Perhaps the easiest way to install the product is to pre order the blinds with the kit already installed.

The preinstalled mysmartblinds horizontal blinds can be purchase directly from the mysmartblinds website.

You can purchase the self install kit from the mysmartblinds site or on Ebay at the link here.

It took me a weekend to get the blinds installed. One of the biggest issues was the frame I was drilling into was made of solid wood.

There was no way of screwing directly into the frame, fortunately I had a drill and was able to drill a little starter hole.

My second issue was my measurements. Turns out the blinds were really tight, so tight, infact, I had to go to a hardware store and shave almost 3/4 inch off to get them to fit!

After that I simply had to deal with the issues that come with using the blinds – such as compatibility issues with the blinds, the cheap quality of the blinds and issues with the app.

So How Did I do? Check out episode one here:

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